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  The new senior three has arrived. In the face of this precious senior three year, how should we spend it and how to adjust the tense state. What should parents do to prepare? How is the environment at home? These are very important. Next, Jinan spring college entrance examination editor told you parents.
  Parents should relax when their children take the college entrance examination
  Mr. Wang's son is going to take the college entrance examination next year. This summer, he learned that the children's school had just finished the second year of high school and had not entered the general review stage. In order to let the child enter the general review first, "win at the starting line", he always does not interfere with the child's learning situation, and these days he began to find a tutor for the child.
  Experts comment: this kind of parent is too anxious, but it brings more pressure to children. Parents should not panic in the face of their children's entrance examination. In fact, the progress of every school is almost the same, everyone is on the same starting line, and parents don't have to worry too much.
  Children have a good understanding of their learning situation. If parents continue to put pressure, it may bring more adverse consequences. The school teachers have arranged a lot of homework. If the tutors spend too much time, the children will have to stay up late to do the homework assigned by the teacher. As a result, children are lack of sleep, drowsy in class and inefficient in learning. Then, they ask their tutors to supplement, forming a vicious circle. In addition, blind reinforcement and indoctrination will make children accept passively, which is not conducive to the development of children's autonomous learning ability. Before taking action, parents can talk with teachers to see what kind of children they are and whether they need tutoring.
  Children can't stand parents wanting to be quiet
  Not long ago, some high schools held parent meetings after the final exam. After the parents' meeting, Mr. Sun began to do his best to prepare for the exam. At 5 a.m., Ms. sun prepared a nutritious meal for her son. In order to give him an appetite, she worked hard and didn't eat the meal for a week. At noon, the children used to eat boxed meals at school. Now, miss sun goes to school every day to cook. As soon as the children come back from school at night, fresh fruit will be delivered to them. As long as my son is studying, he will turn off the TV and telephone and try to speak and walk quietly. Her husband, who had been out for social gatherings, now went to school to pick up her children at Miss Sun's request every day.
  However, the son is ungrateful. He felt that his parents' unusual behavior made him unbearable.
  Experts comment: during the preparation period, parents should put their own mentality first. It's not advisable to nag and compare. It's easier for children to be under pressure if they care too much. Under the premise of ensuring health, parents should properly adjust their children's diet and try to keep their daily eating habits. In addition, parents should create a relaxed learning atmosphere for their children to relax through walking, chatting and other forms.
  Parents should get along well with their children
  Soon to be promoted to three years, Wang Lan's study is backward, and she is more and more reluctant to go home. After school, he would rather finish his homework in the classroom than go back early. His parents quarreled several times about his study. They argued about whose fault it was that children could not study well in school and whether to ask for tutors. Looking at the noisy parents, Wang Lan is sad and upset.
  Most children are nervous when their parents quarrel. Teenagers are particularly sensitive to parental relationships. For any husband and wife, quarrel is inevitable, but don't face the children, otherwise it will bring negative influence to the children's growth. In particular, the high school students are relatively vulnerable. If parents always quarrel about their study and achievement, children will be more careless about their study and even give up themselves. In the third year, parents should strive to create a harmonious and happy family atmosphere so that children can focus on the examination.
  The above is the relevant content introduced by Jinan spring college entrance examination editor. If you want to know more, please visit the website: http://quotamais.com
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